Follow on from Potatoes – 3 Ideas

If you’re growing potatoes, you may find that a reasonable amount of space opens up  once you harvest them in the next few weeks. Here are some ideas for following on…


Brassicas for Winter

Another good option is to plant out a whole load of brassicas to keep you going in winter – you could follow on from potatoes with cabbages, brussels sprouts or cauliflower very happily, and these would give you an excellent source of homegrown veg from November through to February.

Flowers for Cutting

Ok, you won’t be able to eat it, but what a beautiful array of summer flowers you’ll get to enjoy between now and October!

Quick Growing Roots

The soil is usually just the right consistency for root veggies to follow on from potatoes, so popping a set of beetroot plants, turnips, swede or carrots would work really well once you’ve harvested earlies.