Harvesting Christmas Veg

If you’ve been growing your own veggies to enjoy over Christmas, then you may be getting a little anxious that perhaps your sprouts will get too big or your parsnips may not be ready in time. Here’s a brief guide to set your mind at rest.


Sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, kale and cauliflowers will withstand frosty mornings quite well so you can leave them until you’re ready to pick them.

Roots & potatoes:

Any carrots, beetroots and potatoes that you’ve had in the ground should really have been pulled up already to prevent frost damage. Don’t panic if you’ve left them too long, just pull them up and hope for the best! Parsnips can stay in the ground until you need them.


Leeks can stay in the ground until you want them. Dig them up carefully with a fork when you’re ready for them.


Spinach, chard and salad leaves can all stay out in the veg patch until you want to pick them. If your veg patch is in a frost pocket it’s worth covering leaves with fleece to protect them a little.