Looking ahead to 2018

Your veg patch may be on pause for the winter, and you’re more than likely being swept up with all things Christmas, but there will be things to plant in just a few weeks time. In a nutshell, this is how the next few months look:

January: Time to get things prepared for spring. It’s a good month to plant fruit in milder areas, as long as the ground isn’t hard or waterlogged.

February: Time to start chitting potatoes. Shallot and Onion Sets, and Garlic Bulbs can be planted now as well (these will all be available to order on our website in a few weeks). Towards the end of the month is a really great time to plant fruit.

March: The beginning of this month is probably the best time to get fruit planted. Plant Jerusalem Artichokes this month (or next month) too for harvesting between November and February. Start an asparagus bed towards the end of the month. Keep chitting your seed potatoes and get them in the ground towards the end of the month or in April. You can plant shallots, onions and garlic this month as well.

April: New for 2018 you can plant horseradish thongs this month. No, that isn’t a typo, they really are called thongs. Why they’re not just called roots we don’t know, but we kind of like that they come in “thongs”.  This is probably the best month to plant seed potatoes. You can still plant Jerusalem Artichokes this month too and it’s a great time to get your asparagus bed going if you missed it in March. Don’t be tempted to plant out vegetable and herb seedlings too early – we always think May is better as frost is far less likely to destroy your crops!

May: Things really get going this month and you can plant veg seedlings and herbs to your heart’s content!