Herbs that will grow well in shade, or indoors

Not all herb plants need a huge amount of sunshine – some will actually do a bit better and produce leaves for longer with lower light levels.

Coriander – notorious for early bolting, coriander will grow much more leafy if grown in shade, or inside. Try to keep the soil nice and cool too. When it does eventually bolt, the flowers are great for bees, and afterwards you can easily collect the coriander seeds for the kitchen… get the pestle and mortar at the ready!

Parsley – parsley will grow well in shady spots, or on a windowsill in the house. Keep harvesting the leaves regularly to keep it going for longer.

Chervil – much like coriander, chervil is prone to early bolting and will keep leafy for longer if grown in the shade. It’s such a great herb for the kitchen too – definitely one to have on the windowsill for adding a soft aniseed punch to cooking!

Mint – mint is surprisingly unfussy about sunshine, and will do just as well in partial shade, especially as this tends to mean the soil keeps its moisture for longer for these thirsty plants.

Chives – whilst they do love the sun, we’ve very successfully grown chives in light shade as well, and they do a wonderful job of brightening up a shady spot with their pink flowers!