Strawberries for pots & hanging baskets

Strawberries are very well suited to growing in pots and hanging baskets, and easy to care for too.

Choosing a pot/basket:

Choose a 20cm wide (approx!) pot or basket, with good drainage and fill with multi-purpose compost. You could plant up to 3 strawberry plants to a 20cm pot.

Alternatively, you can choose a strawberry planter with side ‘pockets’ and plant into those. The downside of those is that the side pockets tend to dry out quickly.

Other options include a window box (3-4 plants is about right) or a grow bag (6-8 plants)

Caring for your plants:

Strawberries need good amounts of sunlight, and plenty of water. Pots and baskets tend to dry out quite quickly compared to soil in the ground, so during the summer it is sensible to water at least every other day.

Once flowers and fruits start to form, give the plants a fortnightly liquid feed to keep them well-nourished.

Remember to net plants from birds once they start to ripen.

Planting / Harvesting:

We’ll be despatching strawberry plants quite early in the season, so good to get them ordered soon!

You can choose from 3 varieties, which all crop at slightly different times, but as a rough idea you can expect to start harvesting from your plants in June/July this year if you get them planted up in early spring (we expect to dispatch pre-ordered strawberries in late April/early May)