How to plant leeks

Leeks are planted a little differently to most other veggies. If you’re growing them for the first time, then follow these 3 steps so that you get bigger, better leeks at the end of the season…

  1. Soak the roots in water. You may wish to thin out the leeks in which case we would suggest you very gently tease them apart and try to keep each seedling in tact so that you can plant them all. You’ll get quite a few extra plants by doing this!
  2. Make sure the soil is nice, fine and loose – either dig it over a bit or cheat by digging a hole and filling it with compost.
  3. Use a dibber, pencil or bamboo cane to prod a 15-20cm deep hole in the soil. Pop the leek in, and then simply water it in. You don’t need to back fill the hole with soil as some of the soil will naturally wash in.

The reason we’re doing it this way is to avoid compacting the soil too much around the leek so as to give the leek a bit of space for the nice white part of the stem to grow.

That’s it. Nice and simple 🙂