What to do with plants that arrive in bio-pots

Some of our plants will arrive in biodegradable fibre pots – herbs, fruit plants, parsnips and carrots. Here’s what to do:

Parsnips and Carrots – once you have thinned them out to leave just one plant per plug, soak the plants well in water for 2-3 minutes until they are totally saturated. Then, very carefully, being careful not to disturb the roots, peel off the very base of the bio-pot before planting. This will just make it a little easier for the tap root to form properly and you should get better shaped roots as a result.

Herbs – You can plant the herbs in their bio-pots without needing to peel off the pot. They will do very will grown like this and the bio-pots will soon break down and the roots will be able to grow through very well.

Fruit – Again, you can plant these in their bio-pots quite happily. The only ones that will need thinning out first are raspberry canes – you will find 3 canes per pot. Once you have soaked the pot, you can prise the 3 canes apart carefully at the roots, breaking the bio-pot and then plant them separately.