Why it’s important to feed your plants

Veg plants, more so than other plants, need a lot of nutrients to be healthy. Once they’ve been in the ground or in a pot for a few weeks they will have used up a lot of their nutrients and will need a top up. The nutrients that come in a bag of compost or a grow bag, for example, will be used up by a tomato plant in just 4 weeks.

Giving your plants a liquid feed regularly is the best way to boost the nutrients in the soil for your veggies. You can make your own from comfrey leaves or nettles, or you can buy a very good (and reliable) organic liquid feed from Rocket Gardens. Using and applying the feed is easy, it’s like making orange squash in a watering can…you add the liquid feed to the watering can and dilute it with water (the full instructions are on the pack!) and then feed it to your plants.

There’s a different type of feed for tomatoes that has a specific concentration of the nutrients that your tasty toms need. Your plants will feel the effect and will do lots of good growing for you to say thanks!

A word of warning: We’d really advise that you follow instructions on the pack as how often you feed your veg all depends on the stage of growth of the plant and too little or too often, and too much concentrate or not enough is not good for a growing plant!


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