July in the kitchen garden…


Eek, July is here already (um, how did that happen and who stole June?) and it’s nearly the summer holidays. It’s a great time to be out in the garden enjoying the best of the British summer, and there’s plenty to keep you busy. Just have a quick read of our little guide below…

Harvesting in July:

July is rather a fantastic month when it comes to growing your own. It’s the month where you really start to reap what you’ve sown. Courgettes, beans, peas, salad leaves, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and all sorts of other berries start to appear. It’s just jolly well joyous! Be sure to check your veg beds every few days so that you can pick things as soon as they’re ready and enjoy them at their best.

Planting in July for summer harvesting:

There are still a few more weeks for you to get a some things planted in the ground for a lovely summer crop. We’d recommend that you add a couple of things from the list below to your garden now. That way, you’ll extend your harvesting season by two or three weeks and make the most of the last warm sunny days that so often creep in during September and October.

What to plant in July (and August) for the colder months:

Mid-July through to mid-August is a great time to get brassicas planted out so that they have a good head-start to see them over the autumn, ready for you to harvest for warming casseroles and roasts when the weather turns colder.

Plant now for next year:

Now is a good time to get these two planted up ready for harvesting next summer. They both need a bit of space, and when they’re at their peak next summer they’ll add a bit of a wow factor to your garden as they look great.