Is it too late to plant?

This question comes up at about this time every year as eager growers wonder whether or not they have missed the boat. The answer is, there is still plenty of growing time…June is the new May!

Even without the cold start to spring you could still plant plenty this month, but this year in particular there is no harm in planting a little later than normal. In June you can plant pretty much any veg and still get a good crop. That said, if you live up in one of the coldest parts of the country you might want to avoid the more tender crops like aubergines and okra and stick to leafier veg that will withstand the early onset of autumn. Our advice for those of you living in a chilly part of the UK is to plant lettuces, spinach and chard along with brassicas (cabbages, cauliflowers, kale and broccoli) and root veggies like carrots and beetroot.

If you’re further down south in a milder spot then you shouldn’t have any problem at all getting a decent crop from more tender veggies as well, like courgettes, beans, sweetcorn and tomatoes. It’ll still help to grow the likes of tomatoes, aubergine, cucumbers etc in the protection of a greenhouse.

And if you miss planting in June? No panic! July is a great month for planting out brassicas, beetroot, carrots, leaves and herbs as well. Then it’s into August and September when you can start to plant up for the autumn and winter months.

So, if your veg patch is completely bare, or if you’ve been running short on time then relax, there’s still time!