Make it a Summer of Strawberries


Who doesn’t love a sweet, juicy strawberry on a summer’s day?! Growing your own is the best way to ensure a nice constant supply, especially if you grow a mixture of varieties that ripen at different stages. And, clever old us, we’ve got three varieties available that do exactly that, so you’re in luck:



Honeoye Strawberry

Nobody really knows how to pronounce it, but Honeoye is an early fruiting variety that will have you enjoying your strawberries from mid-June.  They’re nice and reliable too so you should get a very good harvest from them for a few years to come.


Cambridge Favourite Strawberry

These are the ones to grow for a mid-summer harvest.  They are one of the more popular varieties of strawberries, and for good reason – they are juicy and delicious! They’re tolerant of most growing conditions too.

Symphony Strawberry

A late fruiting variety, these Scottish-bred strawberries do really well in northern parts of the country where the weather might not always be so warm. They’re good for damp conditions too and have excellent pest and disease resistant.  They taste and look great and, all in all, they are our favourites!

Grow them year round...

If you want to grow a mixture of varieties, then try one of our  Strawberries Through The Season Collection which has all three or our Strawberry Patch Planter which has two varieties – Cambridge Favourite and Symohony (the latter is perfect if you live “up north”.) It’s an easy way to ensure a nice long supply of these juicy delights this summer…and a great excuse to drink more Pimms too!