What to plant next

Don’t miss out on autumn planting. There are just a few weeks left to get those autumn and winter crops in the ground, and it is so worth it for the supply of homegrown veg during the colder months. Don’t wait too long to get your order placed – at this time of year every day counts and this warm weather will give plants a good head start. We are shipping most plants fairly quickly at the moment so you should be able to get planting within 7-10 days…

TASTY SALAD LEAVES: There are lots of Mustard Leaves, Mizuna, Wild Rocket and winter lettuce varieties to grow over the colder months. There’s also a fun range of other leaves that are great, like Landcress (which has a similar flavour to watercress), Winter Purslane (a small leaf with spinach like flavour) and Corn Salad.

ORIENTAL CROPS: Pak Choi and Tatsoi are great to grow during the colder months as it is their natural ‘leafy’ season and they are less likely to bolt as they so often do in the summer months.

SPRING ONIONS: You can plant spring onions now for a late winter/early spring harvest. Great for pots and window boxes.

WINTER GREENS: Kale, Chard and Spinach all grow well over autumn and winter, and you should get plenty of leaves from them if using as a cut and come again. Winter Green Cabbages and Spring Green Cabbages can be grown for harvesting whole and you can plant Sprouting Broccoli varieties for spring cropping.

ROOTS: You can grow turnips in autumn, and they’ll provide you with a crop in the earliest days of spring. Also try beetroot which can be grown for baby beets to add to salads in late October/early November before the first frosts come.