Planting veggies that come in fibre pots

We send most of our plug plants bare-rooted, but there are a couple that we send in biodegradable fibre pots to protect their roots – parsnips and carrots.

For these two root veggies, the aim is to avoid root disturbance as much as possible. They don’t particularly like to be transplanted which is why many gardeners sow seeds directly. That’s why we sow these seeds in biodegradable fibre pots.

When the plants arrive, they can be planted out in their pots. If they are a little dry, soak them in a container of water first. The roots will be able to push through the pots, and over time, the pots will decompose altogether.

If there is more than one seedling growing in a pot, we’d recommend pinching out excess seedlings to leave just one plant per pot. This will give that plant a better chance of growing well, without all the roots becoming twisted around each other.

Try to handle the plant as little as possible between unpacking your delivery and planting out. The less handling, the better.