The importance of spacing between your veg plants

Giving plants enough space makes a big difference to their overall growth, but it is easily overlooked in an attempt to squeeze more in

Getting the spacing right can help in three key ways:

  • Plants are able to get the nutrients they need – they are not competing for root space
  • Plants are able to get the sunlight they need – they are not crowded out
  • Disease is less likely to build up as air is able to circulate freely

All the spacing info you need to know is in the growing guide that we send with your plants. You can refer to that as you plant up and your vegetable plants should thrive.

It is tempting to try and squeeze more in, but the plants themselves will then struggle and you won’t get the best out of them. There are ways around this, and we cover ways of plugging the gaps and interplanting in other posts (see below), but as a very basic rule, follow the spacings in the grow guide for best results.

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