Prepare for frosts


It won’t be long before frosty mornings are upon us. There’s definitely been a nip in the air over the last few mornings here in Cornwall, and no doubt it’s colder in other parts of the country. Here’s a checklist to make sure you protect your plants.

  1. Harvest any remaining beetroot, carrot and swedes/turnips that you grew over the summer. They will all store well in brown paper bags or hessian sacks.
  2. Mulch globe artichokes and celeriac.
  3. You needn’t worry about parsnips, over wintering brassicas, kales and leeks.
  4. Cover autumn salads and oriental leaves with horticultural fleece (you can just drape it over loosely and secure down at the edges with stones.)
  5. Bend the outer leaves of cauliflower plants and pull them in over the white, fluffy head, tying them with string to prevent frost from getting to the cauliflower itself.
  6. Mulch the base of fruit plants.
  7. Cover empty beds with polythene sheets or cardboard – by protecting the soil from frost you will find it much easier to work with in spring and it’ll be warmer for your seedlings when you plant them too.