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Chilli Pepper – Early Jalapeño (Autumn)

(1 Potted Plant)

Autumn chillies and peppers will be delivered in Sept/Oct – they will arrive in a biodegradable pot.


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Easy to grow and packed full of flavour
This variety of Jalapeno produces elliptical-shaped fruits. The fruits can be harvested green or allowed to mature to red. A characteristic ‘corking’ pattern of crack markings can develop on the skin of the fruit as it reaches full size. The plant grows upright and can reach 60cm high bearing fruit up to 7.5cm long.

Number of plants: 1 potted in an 8.5cm bio-pot

Variety: Early Jalapeno (organic*)

How Hot? Medium

In the kitchen: Jalapenos are traditionally used to make nachos, pickles and used on pizza toppings, they can also be stuffed with cheese to make Jalapeno ‘poppers’.