Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel


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A sweet aroma and a delicious aniseed flavour
This is a superb hardy perennial herb which produces beautiful bronze coloured feathery foliage. It’ll grow quite big, to approximately 1m-2m high, and 1m wide, so give it plenty of space.

Number of plants: 3


Great for protecting your tomatoes, chillies and aubergines!

Can be grown in: Fennel hates having its roots being disturbed or being transplanted, so sow in-situ, either into pots or the ground where it is to grow.

In the kitchen: Bronze Fennel has a sweet aroma and a delicious aniseed flavour that goes well with white fish or used fresh in salads.

Can be delivered from: Late April to July. These plants will arrive in 9cm pots.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.