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Bronze Fennel (Autumn)

(3 Plants)


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A sweet aroma and a delicious aniseed flavour
Bronze Fennel is a superb hardy perennial herb which produces beautiful bronze coloured feathery foliage. It’ll grow quite big in the summer, to approximately 1m-2m high, and 1m wide, so give it plenty of space and plant it at the back in a permanent position (or in a large pot). Planted in autumn, it will produce leaves for a few weeks and then die back for winter before returning in spring. The roots will be more established and the plant will reach full maturity quite quickly. All herb plants come with a full growing guide.

Number of plants: 3 plants in biodegradable pots


In the kitchen: Bronze Fennel has a sweet aroma and a delicious aniseed flavour that goes well with white fish or used fresh in salads.