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Vietnamese Coriander (Autumn)

(3 Plants)

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Striking in appearance with a punchy tasty flavour
Vietnamese Coriander is a popular herb in Asian cooking – it’s very punchy in flavour and has quite a striking look. It’s a great alternative to traditional coriander that we’re so used to, the flavour is stronger and it’s less prone to bolting. It will survive the winter in milder parts of the country, but if it does find it a bit too chilly it will die back and return the following spring. It should keep going for 3-4 years.

Number of plants: 3

Can be grown in: Pots work well, but make sure they are deep as this coriander likes to put down good roots. A raised bed would be good as well.

In the kitchen: Young leaves are delicious chopped fresh in salads. Use in stir fries and curries, added towards the end of cooking time to retain the subtle flavours. It works wonderfully as a flavouring alongside lime, chilli and lemon grass.