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Beetroot Mix


A fabulous array of different beets
This little collection contains three different varieties (the classic Detroit purple beet, Bolder Golden and Chioggia, a stripy Italian variety) to give you a lovely harvest of different looking beetroots, each with its own distinct flavour. Plant in pots or beds. Growing beetroot using plug plants is easy – just plant them in pots or beds when your plants arrive following the instructions in our growing guide (provided with every plant delivery.)

Number of plants: 30 plug plants (10 of each variety)

Space required: An area of approx 70cm x 70cm

In the kitchen: Can be steamed or are delicious eaten raw in salads. They are also great roasted with some honey.


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Planting advice: You may find multiple seedlings per plug - you can thin these out by pinching off excess seedlings. Plant 10cm apart in a sunny spot. Harvesting: Harvest once you can see the crown of the beetroot has reached golf ball size or bigger.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.


Choose a sunny site

Beets are best grown in a sunny spot with well-drained, fertile soil.


Grow in raised beds, traditional plots or containers/planters

Beetroots are easy to squeeze in wherever you have space. They don’t need much depth for their roots, so can even be grown in a shallow container. If you are growing them in pots, make sure they have about 15cm space each.


How far apart?

Plant beetroots 10-15cm apart


Keep soil moisture consistent

They need water, but not too much. Try not to let the soil dry out or fluctuate between being very dry and very waterlogged – During dry spells, water well, two or three times a week.


Weed between plants

Use an onion hoe to carefully weed between plants, without disturbing the beetroot themselves.


When to harvest

Beetroot is quite quick to grow and can be harvested a few weeks after planting. The best thing to do is check one of your beets when you think they’re ready, approx 4-5 weeks after planting. If you can’t see the crown of the root above the soil, then carefully dig one up with a garden fork, loosening the roots before you pull it up to check the size. Anything between ping pong ball size and cricket ball size is good. The leaves are edible too, use them as you would spinach/chard.


Storing beetroot

Beetroot stores well over winter. The easiest thing to do is pop them in a vegetable crate or sack and store them in a cool, dark place – an unheated outbuilding is perfect. Larger roots will store longer.

Leaf Spot

You may notice some chocolate brown/purple spots appearing on beetroot leaves. This is a form of fungal leaf spot that is more likely to affect you if you’re in a wet but mild part of the country, like Cornwall, for example.

It’s not really a major problem, and tends to be more of an issue because it is aesthetically unappealing (you can still eat the leaves, cooked, if they have a few spots on and it shouldn’t affect the roots). You can pick off and remove affected leaves to try and prevent spread.

Split roots

If, when you harvest your beetroot, you see that they are split and have a big crack in them, this is undoubtedly caused by the plant being subjected to very wet and then very dry soil. It’s annoying, but at least you can still eat them!

Rats, Mice & Voles

You may get a nasty surprise when you pull up your beetroots and find that most of the root has been nibbled away. Rodents have a sneaky habit of tunnelling underground and getting to the root whilst leaving the leaves growing happily above the surface. Try to keep rodent levels to a minimum in the plot!

Storage Tips

Beetroot stores well over winter. The easiest thing to do is twist the leaves off, leave them unwashed and pop them in a vegetable crate or sack. Store them in a cool, dark place – an unheated outbuilding is perfect. Larger roots will store longer.

If you’re not storing them for a long time, you can harvest them and keep them in the fridge or veg basket for a few days in the kitchen.

Ways to cook

We cannot recommend enough roasted beetroot. They have such sweet flavour, and it makes a real change from potatoes and parsnips with a Sunday Roast.

Raw beetroot is good for adding to salads – grated and mixed with a little lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.

You can also add cooked beetroot to homemade hummus before blending it – you get a lovely colour!

Do I need to sign for them?
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