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Yellow Courgette – Atena Polka

(3 Plug Plants)

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A golden skinned courgette
These plants will produce beautifully colourful courgettes to brighten up your vegetable garden. Atena Polka is a bush variety of courgette, so can be grown well in raised beds or in large pots. You should get a great crop from it, just follow the advice in our growing guide to get your plug plants off to a good start.

Number of plants: 3 plug plants

Variety: Atena Polka (organic*)

In the kitchen: Such a versatile vegetable, courgettes can be used in stir-fries, soups, casseroles, salads, pasta dishes, pickled, the list goes on. You can even eat its beautiful flower, try stuffing it with herbs and cheese and frying it briefly. Delicious!

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