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Brussels Sprouts – Red Ball

(10 Plug Plants)

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An eye catching little sprout with a colourful twist

This variety of brussels sprout puts a fun twist on the traditional winter vegetable. The red sprouts retain their colour when steamed and taste slightly sweeter than the green variety. They cope well in cold weather and deepen their colour after the first frost appears – they’re best harvested after that but can be harvested anytime from November to January. Best for raised beds/traditional plots, and perfect for planting in summer for Christmas harvests.  The organic plug plants will come with complete growing guide with all the tips you need for getting started.

Number of plants: 10 plug plants

Variety: Red Ball (organic*)

In the kitchen: These are great steamed or sauteed in butter, for an alternative – peel each layer and create a tasty salad with the leaves.

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