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Cardoon – Bianco Avorio

(5 Plug Plants)

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Cardoon variation of Artichoke
If you love Globe Artichokes you’ll love these Cardoons. The plants are very similar with large incised leaves that look just like artichoke leaves, the big difference is that you eat the stems not the fruit. Harvest these plants from October – December and blanch 2 weeks before harvest by wrapping stems in cardboard. The Cardoon plants can grow to 5-6ft tall. Make sure you plant in a permanent position at the back of a large border, they will need space and will return year after year.

Number of plants: 5 plug plants

Variety: Bianco Avorio (organic*)

In the kitchen: Cook stems for eating (as opposed to the fruits as you would with Globe Artichokes). Drop Cardoon stalks in boiling water for 7-8 minutes.

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