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Kale – Cottagers

(10 Plug Plants)

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A Brussels sprouts/kale/purple sprouting broccoli cross

This is a fun new addition to our range of brassicas – it’s a cross between sprouts, kale and purple sprouting broccoli! An attractive plant with a mix of purple and green tones, this will give you a good supply of kale-like leaves throughout the winter and then a secondary supply of outer leaves in early spring as well. It is easy to grow and can be planted in sun or semi shaded areas. For hints and tips our plug plants arrive with a handy growing guide.

Number of plants: 10 plug plants

Variety: Cottagers Kale (organic*)

In the kitchen: The best way to retain the amazing health properties of kale is to steam the leaves. However it can also be sauteed, braised, roasted and stir fried making it an extremely versatile vegetable to use.