Brussels Sprouts – Evesham Special


Perfect for a festive harvest
This traditional variety produces large quantities of medium size, solid sprouts which crop from October to Christmas. Sprouts are easy to grow, just remember to earth them up a little to keep them stable on windy days. Harvest them individually from the bottom of the stalk upwards, or pull up a whole stalk.


Number of plants: 10

Variety: Evesham Special (organic*)

Can be grown in: Best in raised beds.

In the kitchen: Roast them with balsamic, finely slice and stir fry, steam and add garlic butter and bacon.

Can be delivered from: late April to July. Available to pre-order now. These plants will arrive bare-rooted with an approximate height of 10-15cm.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.

The right site

Sprouts prefer firm soil in a sheltered spot.

Can be grown in....

Raised beds are ideal.

How far apart?

60cm apart.

Looking after your plants....

Brassicas are fairly hassle free, and broccoli is no exception. Follow these tips and you’ll do just fine.

Brussels Sprouts

Firm up the soil

When you plant them, firm the soil up by pressing down on it with your foot. This will help the plants to stay standing up properly.

Brussels Sprouts

Water when it's dry

Water well during dry spells, other than that you can leave them to it.

Storage Tips

Once harvested, leave the sprouts on their stems until you want to eat them.

Ways to cook

Don’t over cook them! That’s the golden rule of cooking sprouts. There are hundreds of ways to cook them – stir fry, steam, boil or even roast. And they are extra tasty with bacon or nuts.