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Spring Cabbage

(10 plug plants)

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An easy growing, loose-leafed cabbage

This is a dwarf variety that can be planted quite close together (25-30cm). When planted in spring you can expect to harvest it from July through to September. Alternatively, plant later and you can harvest later! You can harvest them as delicious, small, tender cabbages or a little later on once the heads have matured. A very useful plant to grow if you struggle to get other cabbages to form a firm heart. Our plug plants make it easy to grow, just follow the advice in the growing guide that comes with the plants.

Variety: April

Number of plants: 10 plug plants (organic*)

In the kitchen: Enjoy spring green cabbage in stir-fries, steam it, boil it and all sorts. We rather like it cooked up in tasty bubble & squeak with a poached egg on top.

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