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Globe Artichoke – Violet de Provence

(5 Plants)

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Stunning purple artichoke for summer harvest

This variety produces purple fruits to harvest and cook in the normal Globe Artichoke way. The Violet de Provence artichokes are reliable and quick croppers so you will be able to harvest from them for about 4-5 years. These plants will need up to 2m so make sure they have space to grow. They tend to die down in winter (unless it is very mild) and produce fresh foliage in early spring. Choose a permanent position at the back of a sunny border or bed.

Number of plants: 5 plug plants

Variety: Violet de Provence (organic*)

Can be grown in: Best grown in raised beds or borders.

In the kitchen: Harvest whilst still small. To Steam, grill, roast, or sauté.

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