Reflections and Resolutions…

growing with rocket gardens

On 1st January this year we sent a survey to 4,000 customers who grew a Rocket Garden last year asking them for a little feedback so that we could put together some New Years Resolutions for 2017. Here’s what we learnt about you, our esteemed customers, as a result:

  • You love the growing guide that we include with the gardens, but would like a little more information on caring for your plants and dealing with pests and diseases. We’re on the case and we’re currently working on a more in depth guide for 2017. Watch this space.
  • The fact that Rocket Gardens offers organic veg plants grown here in the UK is a really important thing to you. We’re really glad to hear that as it’s very close to our heart and we will be continuing to grow loads of organic veg plants here in Cornwall for many, many years to come.
  • You love the wide variety of plants that we offer. That’s good news, as we’re always exploring different ideas and introducing new varieties, collections and gardens. We’ll keep it up.
  • You’d like a little more communication about the delivery of your plants so that you can be well prepared. This is something that we have resolved to work on for 2017, and we’ll keep you in the loop so that you have a better idea of when your plants are likely to arrive.
  • Some of you who live in the north of the country have mentioned that you’d like to receive plants a little later in the spring as it’s still a bit cold to plant out sometimes. We’re looking into ways that we could do this, as we’d hate for your veggies to get frostbite.
  • Many of you would like to be able to buy individual plants in smaller quantities. This is up for discussion with the team at the moment…it’s a little more tricky than you’d think purely because of the way our plants are grown and packed. If it does happen, it is unlikely to be this year, but may be in place for 2018.
  • Some of you would like to buy an Instant Garden or Constant Garden but have the option to swap certain plants. This is not always possible due to the timings of plants and the way we pack the gardens, but we are looking at introducing a couple of smaller “essentials” collections that you can use as a starting point and then add any extras that you’d like from our Pick & Mix. This might work really well as there seem to be quite a few of you who would like even smaller veg gardens (e.g. growing in pots or square foot gardening) to be on the menu.
  • You love the Weekend Veg Out newsletters. We’ll keep these going this year and make sure they are packed with loads of useful information and weekly jobs for you to keep on top of.
  • Those of you that have given one of our Constant Gardens a go have had a great experience of growing your own throughout the seasons and you’re totally hooked.
  • You’ve found the team on the end of our phone to be really helpful in answering your queries.
  • You love Rocket Gardens because they help you to grow healthy, organic plants easily and successfully. And you really love all our lovely illustrated drawings too (so do we!)

Thanks for the feedback folks, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading the above. It has really helped us and we’ll definitely keep doing what we do well and improving where we can for 2017. Here’s to some successful Rocket Gardening this year!