Rocket Gardens Update

We have more or less caught up now, having shipped vegetable plants to approximately 40,000 households across the UK, without using an ounce of plastic. In previous years, this would have been more like 5,000 households, which is absolutely amazing but has not been without its challenges! We are delighted to have helped so many to start growing their own this year and we are thrilled to have a record number of repeat customers, so an extra special thank you to those of you who have continued to support us over the years.

It’s great to see so many people growing their own!

At the beginning of lockdown it seemed so important to help people to grow their own largely because of the perceived threat to the food supply chain. Today, it feels just as important, but for so many more reasons – for better nutrition, for our wellbeing, for our planet, for slowing down, for teaching our children how to grow food and for a whole host of other reasons.

We really hope that growing your own has been an enjoyable experience and that many, many of you will keep on growing your own after lockdown and beyond!

Some people have waited longer than others…you know who you are, so a big thank you to you for your patience and understanding!

For the most part (35,000 households) plants were delivered in April and May. For those who have had to wait a little longer for their plants, please accept our apologies for the delays. We didn’t always get our timings right, in spite of our efforts, and some plants stubbornly took longer to grow than normal. In amongst the hiring and training of new staff, to cope with the extra demand, some mistakes were made that were not spotted until later in the season which caused some delays too. We’ve learnt a lot from it all though and we look forward to making some improvements for next year for better plant availability and an even swifter delivery service.

We have been deluged by email enquiries, but we are doing our best to keep up.

We have an incredible team of people lending a hand to customer services this year, and they have been working so hard to try and keep up with all the enquiries. Thank you for being patient with them as they plough through the inbox each day! They are currently 3-4 working days behind, but catching up slowly and surely.

If you are waiting for a response, please don’t be tempted to re-send it as this moves your enquiry to the bottom of the list again (which is something we’ll be looking at changing for next year.) You can always send us a private message via Facebook to give us a friendly nudge if you are feeling forgotten!

Sometimes, plants were missed out of the deliveries, or got knocked about in transit, but we are on the case…

If your delivery was missing any plants, or if they were damaged en route, we will either be sending them on separately or refunding you if they are no longer available. Our customer services team are working through this as quickly as they can, and answering your emails as quickly as possible too, so please just hang tight and we will get things sorted.

We have a truly brilliant team, they deserve a pat on the back!

Our team has been working incredibly hard. Here on the farm, everyone has been rushing around to nurture plants, pack up orders and load parcels onto the DPD van, all whilst maintaining social distance. And, our homeworking team has been answering enquiries, tracking down parcels that have got lost in transit and offering growing advice, as well as juggling spouses, children and home-schooling. We couldn’t be prouder of our team this season, and we’re looking forward to giving everyone a few well-deserved days off over the next few weeks as things quieten down!

As we’re catching up, delivery times will now be much faster!

For those wishing to order a few extra plants to fill any empty spaces, we’re expecting to ship new orders within 10-14 days over the next few weeks.

Herbs will be back soon

We’re expecting a new batch of herbs to come through in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the website for them!

Thank you again everybody, we have been really touched by all your support and kind words. We wish you all the best for the summer, and hope you are all keeping healthy and happy.