September in the Kitchen Garden

Is it really September already? That was quick! Here’s our monthly round up of what’s going on in the kitchen garden, with harvesting tips, planting advice and more.

Harvesting in September:

September is a very productive month in the veg patch, with plenty to harvest. It’s still nice and warm too, so you should enjoy your summer veg for a few more weeks. Now is the time to be checking to see if onions and leeks are ready to be pulled up. Beans, courgettes and tomatoes will still be producing quite a lot for you to eat, so keep picking them regularly. Keep an eye out for chillies and peppers too, ready to pick them when they’re the colour you want.

Lots of spring planted brassicas will be getting close to harvesting too, but be sure to keep checking for the dreaded cabbage white caterpillars that are in full swing at the moment.

Sweetcorn is ready to harvest when the kernels squirt out a milky coloured liquid when pressed with your thumbnail. Squashes will probably take a few more weeks to ripen, leafy veg can still be picked, apples and pears are coming up, berries are doing berry well and that’s about all we can think of for now!

Planting in September

This month is the prime time for ordering and planting your winter veg. There are lots of brassicas and salad leaves that will keep you growing your own right through to next spring and it would be such a shame to let the veg patch go at this time of year.


If you’re keen to grow over the next few months, have a look at our Autumn Gardens for some inspiration, or become a Constant Gardener and we’ll keep you supplied with veg plants for 12 months.

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This month is a great time for building up a compost heap for all the old foliage and plants, with luck it’ll break down in time to use as a mulch next summer.

We’d also recommend giving everything that’s still growing a liquid feed and of course make sure you give all your veg a good watering if this nice weather continues, which we hope it does!