Growing winter salad in small spaces

Even if you only have space for a single window box in your home, you can grow your own winter salad. It’s easy, and there are a few nice compact plants that sit very well together.

Let’s start with spring onions as you can plant these really nice and tightly as they don’t need a lot of space at all. 10cm apart is fine so you can easily get 10 to a standard pot.

Frill’s Mustard is a great salad leaf for compact spaces as long as you treat it as a cut-and-come-again plant and keep picking the leaves off. If you’re doing this you can easily get away with planting them 8-10cm apart. The same is true of Mizuna, Wild Rocket and Winter Purslane. But the key really is in harvesting the leaves while they are still young and small.

Spinach is an easy grower that can be planted close together, you’ll need to leave about 15cm between each plant. Again, pick the leaves while they’re young (they taste nicer raw then too.)

If you were to grow all the above in sets of 10, you’d only need about 1m2 of space. Not very much at all!