Seven ways with straw


We send out all our plants nestled up in a box of straw. This keeps them well protected during thir travels, and it’s much better than sending them in boxes full of plastic or polystyrene packaging.

We’ve also found that the straw is really useful to use in the garden, so here are seven very nifty ways to use it.

  1. Use it around the base of strawberry plants to keep fruits from touching the soil and rotting.
  2. Make a scarecrow. It might not be a very big one, but it’ll still be a fun project with the children.
  3. Use it as a mulch to keep weeds down and keep moisture in.
  4. Place it underneath squashes and pumpkins as they form so that they do not rot on the earth.
  5. If you have chickens, use it for bedding in the hen house.
  6. Put it in the compost pile.
  7. Use it as a bonfire starter. But be careful. Don’t play with fire!