Stake Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

A short post from me this week, but hopefully one that will help to prevent a few casualties over the next few weeks. The photo above was taken on the morning after some big winds – I have a couple of broccoli plants still standing, but the rest are pretty much horizontal like this one. You can’t see it here, but at the other end of the bed, there is a similar situation with the brussels sprouts (a few of the shorter plants are still upright though!)

I don’t think it’s a complete disaster – I’ve trodden the roots down firmly again, and my thinking is that the broccoli will continue to grow, and the sprouts are more or less ready for harvesting anyway so I should get a perfectly good crop from them. Still, you may ish to avoid the same happening in your garden!

Moral of the story? DON’T ignore Rocket Gardens’s advice and DO earth up of stake taller brussels sprouts and broccoli plants at this time of year – it doesn’t take much to knock them over, especially when the ground is wet and providing less stability for their roots!