Success with Celeriac

Celeriac is easy to grow if you can give it good, fertile soil and keep it well watered. There is still time to plant it up now for a winter harvest, but be quick to place your order.

The right site:

Once you receive your celeriac plants, plant them in a nice sunny spot with fertile, moisture retentive soil, leaving 40cm between plants. You could happily grow them in raised beds or large containers/planters filled with multipurpose compost.

Keep the soil moist:

This is probably the most important thing when growing celeriac, as they are thirsty plants and need the water to help the root swell. Adding a mulch will help to keep the soil moist if your soil dries out quickly. Watch out for slugs which are the biggest pest for celeriac.

Give it a liquid feed:

This will help to give celeriac a bit of a boost – just use a general liquid feed, or make a comfrey tea and apply once or twice in August.

When to harvest:

They should be ready to harvest anytime from October to March. The crown will most likely be exposed so you can see how big they are. If not, just carefully pull one up to check you are happy with the size.