The Bees’ Needs

Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are in decline. It’s not new news. There are lots of reasons for this, but two of the major factors are modern agricultural methods and the loss of natural habitats due to the ever increasing sprawl of towns and cities.

Does it matter? Absolutely! It’s a disaster!! We need these little guys to be there to pollinate all the plants that produce so much food, both for ourselves (on a worldwide level) and for all sorts of other insects and creatures that in turn fuel the food chain.

Everybody can help with this decline, no matter how small their garden and it’s a great project to do with children. All the bees need are a few plants that are attractive and that provide them with plenty of pollen. (If you fancy building a bee hotel with your children too, that’s a great way to help out. Have a look at out Pinterest board for some ideas.)

Great for bees:

One of our Wildflower Meadow Boxes will attract lots of lovely bees. It takes up very little space and is fun to grow with children (it looks pretty lush, too!) If you have a larger space, try our bee & butterfly wildflower meadow seed pack

There are loads of different herbs that are great for beesHyssop, Wild Bergamot, Borage, Lavender and Chives are among some of the bees’ favourites.

Bee-friendly veg plants include peas, beans, tomatoes, courgettes and squashes, melons, aubergines