Blenheim Orange Melon


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Lovely and juicy, perfect for summer fruit salads
Blenheim Orange is an old and tried variety with a wonderful flavour and deliciously sweet fragrance. It has a slightly netted skin and scarlet flesh with a sweet flavour. Produces large fruits.

Best grown in a greenhouse or under cover.

Number of plants: 5

Variety: Blenheim Orange (organic)

Can be grown in: Best grown in a greenhouse or under cover. If you are growing them upwards, they will need net hammocks to support the weight of the fruit. Alternatively, you can grow them at ground level, but you will need to place the fruit on a wooden board or similar to stop the fruit from rotting.

In the kitchen: Lovely and juicy when ripe. Can be eaten on its own or makes a tasty addition to a fruit salad

Can be delivered from: late April to July.