The next few months with Rocket Gardens

Although we’re no longer shipping vegetable plug plants, we are not in full hibernation at Rocket Gardens. We will soon have bare-rooted fruit plants available for winter planting, and for those who would like to get organised well in advance, there are gift vouchers for Christmas and plug plants to pre-order for spring.

Bare Rooted Fruit

We will soon be making bare-rooted fruit plants available to order. These will be shipped while they are dormant over the winter months. They won’t look like this picture, as the bare-rooted fruit plants are sent during their dormancy – they will instead look like twigs with roots, but these are fantastic for planting up over the winter.

We are just getting a handle on how the plants are, when they will be dormant and what kind of size they are before we start selling them, but we’re hoping to include some small fruit trees as well as soft fruit bushes.

Veg Patch Vouchers & GIft Tokens

For any green-fingered folk in your life, our Veg Patch Vouchers and Gift Tokens make a lovely present, so do keep them in mind as you start any Christmas shopping this year.

The Family Favourites Veg Patch Gift Voucher and Container Garden Gift Voucher are firm favourites. The way they work, is that you give someone a Veg Patch Voucher, and when they then activate the voucher code on our website we will ask them for their delivery information and an email address so that we can update them about their delivery. Then, when the time is right and the plants are ready, we will ship the veg patch plugs directly to them.

Pre-Orders for Spring 2024

Our spring veg plug plants are now available to pre-order on our website. They won’t be shipped until spring, but it really helps us to get sowings right at the start of the year so that we have enough plants for early shipping.

It’s also a good way of getting yourself organised so that you can plan your plot well over the winter months, and think about a second order of plants in the summer to keep things growing during the season. Or start one of our Year Round Veg Patches in early spring.

More for Christmas...

All things going well with the printers, we will soon have some beautifully illustrated 2024 calendars for you to hang on the notice board, complete with monthly growing tips and planting ideas. Keep an eye out in our Weekly Veg Out Newsletter for news on this over the coming weeks.

In addition to the calendar, we will have some Christmas Card sets for you to send to loved ones, perfect for friends down on the allotment!