Thirsty plants to look after this summer

Some plants need more water than others and may need a little extra during this warm weather. Whilst all your veggies will need adequate watering, here are the ones that will need to be well looked after during any heatwaves:

  • Fennel – prefers cooler temperatures and may bolt in hot weather
  • Celery – watch out for dry patches on the leaves as pictured, which can indicate the plant is lacking water
  • Celeriac – as above, and remember the plants need the water in order to swell the roots
  • Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Aubergines – particularly if growing in a greenhouse, or in pots
  • Beans & Peas – particularly if growing in pots
  • Wild Rocket, Mizuna, Mustard Leaves – these plants are all prone to bolting. Watering regularly helps to keep the soil cooler.
  • Courgettes & Squash – they should be okay if well established in the ground, but if growing in pots they may need more frequent watering
  • Carrot & Beetroot – they don’t need a huge amount of water, but try not to let the soil dry out as this can cause splitting in the roots

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