When tomatoes start flowering

Depending on when you planted tomatoes, and whether you’re growing them in a greenhouse or outdoors, you may have flowers and even fruits forming now, or in the next couple of weeks. Watering and feeding them is important for a good crop.

Watering tomatoes:

Keep the soil consistently moist so that the plants are not dealing with fluctuating levels of water – this will help to prevent:

  • Blossom end rot – in which the tomatoes start to rot at the end where they were attached to the flower.
  • Split skins – where the skin cracks just as the tomatoes ripen.
  • Leaf curl – where the leaves curl up and distort

Feeding tomatoes:

Give tomatoes a fortnightly liquid feed once they start to form flowers and fruits – this will add nutrients to give them a boost, and will keep the plants healthier for longer, thus giving you a better crop.

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