Top crops for growing in pots this year

We’ve added a few new veg plants for 2017, and some of them are ideal for growing in pots and containers, giving you a decent crop in a small space. Here’s a little guide of all the veg plants that will grow well in pots.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

This will grow to about 30cm high, producing clusters of sweet baby tomatoes that are 2cm in diameter. Looks great in hanging baskets and pots.

Basket of Fire Chilli

Hot hot hot! A lovely compact chilli which is very productive and ideal for pots.

Spring Onions

Spring Onion

You can pack them in nice and tightly so growing in pots is ideal. These have a lovely, mild flavour too.

Golden Beetroot

Golden Beetroot

This is great for growing in pots as it doesn’t need much space at all. It’s a fun, golden colour in the flesh too.

Hestia Dwarf Runner Bean

Dwarf Runner Bean

A lovely compact runner bean that will produce loads of beans for you as well as a flurry of pretty white and red flowers.

Orinoco Dwarf French Bean

Dwarf French Bean

We’ve got a purple variety, a yellow variety and a green variety of dwarf french beans…all perfect for pots and high yielding!

Asparagus Pea

Asparagus Peas

These are little bushy plants that are great for containers…you’ll get lots of asparagus flavoured pods from them. Yum.

Rainbow Chard

Rainbow Chard

Nice and decorative in pots, if you keep it well watered you’ll get loads of leaves to munch all summer long.

Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket

A fantastic, peppery leaf that you can treat as cut-and-come again. Great in containers.


If you like asian food, then definitely grow this tasty little number. It looks great in pots and will keep going pretty much all year round.