Bring on the Bees

If you want to make sure you get loads of lovely beans, courgettes, tomatoes and strawberries, then be sure to encourage plenty of bees into your veg patch. The more flowers that are pollinated, the more fruit and veg they’ll produce, and bees are the best way of ensuring these plants get pollinated.

To encourage bees into the garden, simply plant anything that has lovely looking flowers. Here are the top choices from the Rocket Gardens 2017 collection….

One of our Wildflower Meadow Boxes will attract lots of lovely bees. It takes up very little space and is fun to grow with children (it looks pretty lush, too!) If you have a larger space, try our bee & butterfly wildflower meadow seed pack

There are loads of different herbs that are great for bees – HyssopWild BergamotBorageLavender and Chives are among some of the bees’ favourites.

Bee-friendly veg plants include peasbeanstomatoescourgettes and squashesmelonsaubergines