Top of the Crops…

What's looking good this week?

At this time of year, mid-May, some things suddenly burst forth in the polytunnels, and we thought it would be nice to ask our growing team for their Top of the Crops – plants that are in their prime, looking healthy, strong and abundant!

Raspberry Canes

We have various different varieties of raspberry now at the perfect point for planting out – they are just the right height, lovely and leafy and you should get your first crop this year.

You can choose between summer fruiting varieties (Glen Ample, Tullameen, Yummy) which can be harvested through the summer and then pruned in late autumn by cutting back those canes that bore fruit, or autumn fruiting varieties (Autumn Bliss, All Gold) which can be harvested in autumn and then cut right back to the ground.

If planting in the ground, the easiest way to plant raspberry canes is to arrange them in a triangle, leaving 45cm between each plant. This way, you can put a 1-1.5m tall bamboo stake in the centre and tie the canes loosely together around the cane for support. You can also plant them individually in fairly large pots, and just give them a bamboo cane in each pot (Yummy is the exception as this is a dwarf variety, so no need to stake it)

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