Top Tips for Winter Crops in Pots

If you’re growing your veg in pots and containers, then have a quick read of these top tips…

  1. Make sure your pots are well sheltered from the wind. Here in Cornwall, it’s always good to protect them from the prevailing south-westerly winds that common from the Atlantic, for example.
  2. Lift pots off the ground to help improve drainage. Old pallets work really well for this.
  3. If you can move pots into a greenhouse, this will help provide a little extra warmth and they will be less likely to experience slug damage (the plants, not the pots!)
  4. If you can cover plants with fleece, this will really help them to thrive.
  5. Be careful not to put pots in a frost pocket!
  6. When the weather starts to turn a bit colder and frosty mornings become more routine, you could top up pots with a fresh layer of compost to keep the roots protected from the cold. It’ll also add a few extra nutrients.
  7. Remember to water during dry spells and in the greenhouse. It’s easily forgotten!