Uh-oh, my parsnips have resprouted!

Hmm, I’m not sure this is meant to happen yet! I planted out my parsnips in late May, expecting to start harvesting them around now. I’ve pulled up 2 or 3 already, but I’ve just noticed that the others are starting to resprout. The old foliage has died off and has been replaced with new, different-looking foliage which is a sign that it’s going to flower and go to seed.

This isn’t great news as once they move into this phase the roots become woodier and tougher. I’m going to have to pull them all up and either freeze them or make quite a big batch of soup.

We had a frosty, cold spell a couple of weeks ago and now it is incredibly mild outside, so I think this has confused them into thinking it’s spring which is when they would normally start to resprout. Never mind, luckily I planted a second batch in June, so hopefully those ones will keep me going for Christmas dinner!