An update on fruit deliveries….

If it’s not snowing, it’s raining, and if it’s not raining, it’s snowing! If you’re waiting for your fruit plants to arrive, please don’t despair. We will get them to you just as soon as we can and you won’t be missing out on valuable growing time, so no need to worry!

We’re not currently lifting fruit plants as the ground is either too frozen or too waterlogged, and we’d risk the plants’ lives by lifting them in these conditions. We’d rather get them to you safe and sound a little later, which will benefit you too as they will be happier to be planted out in slightly more pleasant weather!

We’re really hoping that we’ll be able to start lifting in the next week or two, so if you are waiting for your fruit then please bear with us. We will keep you updated by email.

Remember also that if you receive your fruit plants at a time when it the ground with you is either waterlogged or frozen, you can ┬átemporarily plant your fruit in a bag of compost (with the roots just loosely covered with soil) and plant them out a little later on when it’s warmer and drier.