Will it be too cold to plant in spring?

We’ve received a few questions about this recently, with some of you concerned that all the cold weather now will delay your plants in late April/May. But the good news is, everything here at Rocket is currently on track!

We sow and grow all our veg seeds in our polytunnels. There’s no artificial heating, but they do get nice and warm as soon as the sun shines. We started sowing earlier in the year and we are seeing plenty of growth. Most vegetable plants are growing as normal, although one or two are being a little slower than usual. That said, they should rapidly catch up once the weather starts to warm up and we are quietly confident that the vast majority of our veg plants will be ready to ship in spring as normal (this is usually from late April onwards).

What that means for you is that you don’t need to worry too much about the cold weather affecting your growing season. In all likelihood you’ll be planting your Rocket Gardens veg at more or less the same time as you have done in previous years. It is definitely worth covering empty beds with black polythene to help warm the soil a little though as this will give your plants a nice boost when they arrive with you.