Vegetables that are exceedingly good for you


When you’re growing your own, all vegetables really are very good for you as they all carry far more vitamins and nutrients than supermarket veg (that has been packed and stores for days, sometimes weeks) because they come directly from patch to plate thus retaining all their natural goodness. And taste.

Some vegetables, however, pack more of a punch when it comes to nutrition. We’ve all heard of superfoods, right? And also, earlier this week, we heard a snippet on Radio 2 stating that purple veg are the healthiest. Well, we have no idea whether or not that’s true, but if Radio 2 says so we’ll go along with it for now! So…if you fancy a kitchen garden that will keep you in good health this year, here are the top of the crops to grow from the Rocket Gardens collection:

Red Cabbage

Cavolo Nero


Petit Posi Flower Sprouts

Purple Sprouting Broccoli


Cosse Violet French Bean

Curly Kale



Please note, this list is in no particular order.