What became of the #SchoolVegPledge?

schoolchildren growing veg

Back in the spring we ran a campaign through Crowdfunder, with the intention of raising £100,000 in order to fund the sowing, growing and delivery of 1,000 Instant School Gardens to schools across the UK. We had loads of schools signing up and hoping to receive a free veg garden to grow with their students, but sadly we didn’t hit our target which meant that we didn’t get any funding at all.

It was a real shame as we were very much hoping to be able to get all those schools growing their own healthy organic veg. But, what a great thing to see that there are so many schools out there that are keen to give it a go. We had well over 1000 schools signing up who wanted to start a veg patch with their students, and that’s such a great sign.

Right now, we’re having a bit of a rethink to see how we might be able to get this project or something very similar on the go again and make a real success of it (any ideas are welcome!) In the meantime if you are a teacher at a school and would like to grow veg with your students, then we are soon going to be sending out the Autumn School Gardens to be planted in September and grown throughout the next school term.