Constant Gardens…the simplest way to grow your own year round

With the launch of our new Mini Constant Garden this week (which you should check out if you have a small veg patch area with a couple of raised beds) we thought we’d spend a bit of time talking about how wonderful it is to be a Constant Gardener.

The idea with the Constant Gardens is to give you an easier way to grow your own throughout the year, so that you can enjoy being out in the garden growing and harvesting your crops (which is arguably the most fun part of the process) and eating healthy home grown veg seasonally, rather than just for a few months during the summer.

Here’s how it works, in case you don’t already know.

You grab a cup of tea one evening, sit at your laptop (or iPad, mobile phone or any other such electronic device) for a few minutes and browse through our range of constant gardens.  You choose the one that best suits you based on the size of your veg patch, and you order it. Then you don’t have to do anything else until you receive an email from us saying that your first delivery will soon be on its way to you.

At this point you spend a couple of hours getting your veg patch ready, clearing it of any weeds, building wigwams and getting canes and netting ready, adding compost to the soil and perhaps digging it over to loosen it a little. A week later, your first delivery arrives with lots of baby veg plants nestled in a box of straw. You give the plants a drink by soaking them in a shallow container of water for a few minutes, and then you pop them in the ground, using the growing guide that we send you to determine where and how far apart everything should be planted.

From now, you spend a few hours a week nurturing your plants, giving them water, watching out for pests and keeping them weed free. We have loads of extra tips and growing advice here in our blog and on our online growing guides. Soon, you start harvesting your own veg and you feel really very smug because it tastes way better than the veg you used to buy in the shops. Before you know it you receive another email from us saying that the next delivery will be with you in a week. You wait, they arrive, you plant them. And you carry on looking after all your plants until the next delivery.

It is so straightforward and it’s a really nice way to be able to grow your own year round in a relaxed and easy-going way, as we’re sure our existing 1,027 Constant Gardeners would tell you. And best of all, we’re here to help if you have any pests or diseases in the garden that you’re not sure of. Growing really doesn’t get easier than this.


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