When will I receive my plants?


We know everybody is keen to get growing as soon as possible in April. Things here are on track for us to start despatching plants from late April onwards, and we are expecting to deliver the majority of orders before the end of May.

We’ll keep you updated:

We will keep you posted via email with an estimated dispatch date approximately 1 week before your order is due and confirmation on the day the order is dispatched.

Some Exceptions: 

Seed potatoes, garlic, onion & shallot sets will be sent ASAP as these can be planted out earlier.

If you receive your plants in Late April/Early May:

Please be aware that late April and early May are still early to be planting out, as we often get late frosts and strong cold winds, so be sure to check the forecast if you receive your plants before mid to late May.

If cold weather is forecast, then we would advise temporarily planting your plugs in the punnets that they arrive in and keeping them under cover (sunny windowsill or greenhouse) for a couple of weeks. OR, plant them out but protect with a cloche. This is especially important for tender crops like beans, squash, peas and tomatoes.

If you receive your plants in Mid/Late May:

At this time you can usually plant straight out without worrying too much about cold weather or frost. The soil will be warmer too, so the plants should get off to a flying start. This is our favourite planting window!

Any delays?

At the moment we are not expecting any major delays with any of the plants, as everything  has been growing well and so far the temperatures here in Cornwall have been quite good. More importantly, we haven’t had any mice raiding the seedlings!! Fingers crossed everything continues this way, and we will be able to get orders sent out super quickly this year….

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